Wedding Trends 2017

Oct 10, 2016 | Andrew's Events, Bridal, Design Inspiration, Events & Design, Weddings

Hi friends! Today I am looking forward to sharing some of my favorite wedding design trends for next season. While donut walls and blush colored florals have their charm I am always on the hunt for the next creative idea. These days I find that couples prefer to do things their own way while creating an experience unique to them. With this in mind, the trends that I am sharing can be interpreted in a variety of ways to bring out the unique character of the venue, elevate the guest experience and, of course, share each couple’s unique story. The editors at Seattle Bride magazine recently filmed me sharing these trends (video above) and they are summarized below for your convenience.

  • Cultural Cuisine: I believe that food brings people together in a very special, unique way. Your family might have a favorite dish served at every holiday or perhaps you have a signature cocktail you order at every friend outing without fail. Incorporating these tastes and flavors on your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to personalize the experience for your guests while ensuring your favorite dish is available all night.
  • Lighting Design: In the hebrew Bible, God said; “let there be light.” On your wedding day I suggest follow suit. Lighting an event is not just about splashing shades of blue on the walls; it’s about incorporating lighting as a concept throughout your wedding by manipulating your venue’s architecture, featuring important events (i.e. toasts) and synchronizing with music. The result is a dynamic guest experience with an added level of sophistication and storytelling. Seattle based lighting company Crimson Haze does this famously with the Fairmont Olympic’s crystal chandeliers; casting the silhouette on the wall and reimagining the 1924 showstoppers in a contemporary “light.”
  • Bridal Gown Design: Of course, I cannot write a blog post about wedding trends without talking about gowns. This season, bridal designers are sculpting traditional silhouettes and infusing them with modern elements. I am obsessed with this idea because my brides still get to be princesses while making an edgy fashion statement.

I hope these trends give you inspiration for your own wedding and allow you to dream big. Please let me know what you think or share other trends that you can’t stop thinking about in the comments below!